About us

AXESS Security is the website security branch of AXESS New Media GmbH.

Based in Bad Homburg, Germany, we have been providing ethical hacking and penetration testing services since 1996.

Among our clients are DOW-Jones listed multinational Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and manufacturers and marketeers of global brands.

Our team consists of experienced security experts and developers, providing a maximum of knowledge in the area of threats to a secure web application.

Our code of ethics

  • AXESS never publicly discloses names of clients or websites that we are checking for security issues.
  • All data gathered by us is considered the clients property and all copies will be safely deleted from our local storage upon project completion.
  • We will not purposefully compromise or damage the client organization’s systems.
  • We will only accept projects that we deem fit for our profile and experience so that we can provide professional, expert level service.


About us


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